Our company

How different are we

  1. Guaranteed performance
    • Each project has built in performance and acceptance criteria
    • Each milestone is weekly and mid-weekly reviewed by an outside impartial referee / inspector
  2. Total customer satisfaction
    • Weekly automatic customer reviewed performance
    • No history of failure to deliver on time projects at cost
    • No history of failure to complete assignments
    • No history of dissatisfied customers
  3. Long term services and maintenance
    • Any product or service has a life-time guarantee for the user
  4. Best of the technical staffs
    • Our technical staff is most motivated and technically skilled.
    • Consistent training and education to update skills
    • Cross-training of skills
  5. Community involvement
    • Committed to help business opportunities in areas of high unemployment and decaying neighborhoods
    • Mentored startup businesses in technology and professional services working out of areas of high unemployment and decaying neighborhoods
    • Training of long-term sentenced offenders in technology skills for their can be gain-freed employed while incarcinarated and employed when released