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i-Media: Content Integration

Our rewriting and redesigning tools can do wonders with existing content to make it fit for use in the local market. For instance:

  • Re-purposing of educational content
  • Localizing voice representations
  • Re-designing characters, geography and flora-fauna
  • Re-purposed content maintains integrity of original style and tone of the author as well as the product.
  • Re-purposed content ensures tone and style match the requisite audience.  

Content Repurposing Services

Books to multimedia-enhanced CDs/DVDs

Localization of Content

Books to Web-ready content

CDs/DVDs to print-ready format


New Product Upgrades


Digital: Converting version X of CDs/DVDs to version X+1

Updating Web content to higher version

Print: Developing newer editions of books/courseware


Content Domains - We create original content for both print and digital media in following areas :

  • e-Learning and Education
  • Children’s content
  • Teacher Content and tools
  • Reference content for children and adults